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Wednesday, August 28th, 2013

Although we are rebuilding this website, we want you to explore our pages and learn of the significant ministries and programs offered.  Below, please find some of our goals & objectives.  We invite you to become a  part of our fellowship as we effort to “celebrate and serve” our Lord.  If you have any questions, please contact the church office. We look forward to your worshiping with us this Sunday!


The Great Ends of the Church provide foundation and framework for goal setting.

Proclaim the Gospel for the salvation of mankind (humankind).


      Confirm new converts

      Support and Develop discipleship for personal evangelism

Provide shelter, nurture and spiritual fellowship for the Children of God

      Increase participation in JOY (Just Older Youth)

      Care Shepherds

      Develop and implement dietary standards for all fellowship functions of the church.

Maintain divine worship

      Provide regular and special worship experiences for all ages

      Sustain Choral Music Program in size and quality of music offered during worship.

      Offer Bell Choir to include Children’s Chimers that they might ring the Gospel.

Preserve the truth

      Sustain scripturally sound theology throughout the life of the church including sermons, music selection (hymns, choruses, anthem, and incidental music), and educational materials selections.

      Seek to ensure materials used provide witness to the Word of God and His Christ.

      Conduct Religious Award Program for all Scout organizations meeting at the Church.

Promote social righteousness

      Sustain support of beneficent programs

      Increase Meals for Migrants

      Seek opportunities to host community organizations.

      Identify and host a Brownie Troop to complement the Girl Scouts currently meeting at the facility.

      Charter a Cub Scout Pack

      Sustain and determine appropriate increase in levels of financial support through church hierarchy including regular offerings (3 cent per meal) and special (seasonal) offerings.

      Send church members to Honduras and sustain contributions to support the 27 developing church in that country.

      Develop and fund local ministry to the elderly serving all communities and Assisted Living Facilities (ALF) and within 5 miles of the church.

      Sustain capital campaign for future church facility expansion and development

Exhibit the Kingdom of Heaven to the world.

      Update and maintain an accurate, inviting Web Site

      Identify and equip members committed to implementing the lifestyle changes taught by our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.