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Our Mission

Mission Statement for The Presbyterian Church of Bloomingdale


You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all you mind. You shall love your neighbor as yourself. – Matthew 22:37, 39

Objectives To Server God

Our chief end is to glorify God and to enjoy Him forever. Inspired by the scriptures and our Presbyterian heritage, and consistent with our Church Book of Order, we endeavor to be a light to the world being faithful to His calling for us and providing for all of God’s children.

To Serve the Congregation

We serve the congregation by being an extended family to one another. We encourage an environment where children are an integral part of this church and we strive to maintain an effective and Biblically based education program. We seek to bear one another’s burdens and help one another cast their burdens upon the Lord.

To Serve the Community At Large

We are specifically called upon to help the needy and communicate the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the world. We encourage our members to become involved in local and national issues and do so with compassion, courage and dedication.


We, the members of the Presbyterian Church of Bloomingdale, commit our time, talents, and resources towards the challenge of this mission statement. We continually seek the will of our Father, knowing we are not alone in this mission.

Our History

Desiring to be a blessing to the Brandon community, and with a vision to celebrate and serve Jesus Christ, several committed individuals approached the Southwest Florida Presbytery (now the Presbytery of Tampa Bay) in 1984 to form a new Presbyterian Church (USA) in Bloomingdale. A steering committee was appointed by the Presbytery (our governing body) to guide the development of the new church as it met in the homes of prospective members. On August 10, 1986, 46 people attended worship at a local day care center, and by May of 1987, the new congregation was able to call an organizing pastor and move to larger facilities. The Presbytery formally approved the organization of the Presbyterian Church of Bloomingdale on April 29, 1989. Coinciding with the 200th anniversary of the Presbyterian denomination, the local congregation first celebrated as a new church family with worship on May 21, 1989. By November 18, 1990, the church had procured land at the current site and broke ground for a facility that would serve the small, committed congregation. The first service at the present location was held on May 26, 1992.

We have been richly blessed and, with God’s help, we will continue to grow in our ministry to others. Our membership currently stands at about 100.

Our Ministries

  • Choir
  • This worship opportunity is open to high school and adult aged individuals interested in praising God through song. Singing weekly in worship, this group meets weekly and sings all manor of sacred music (high church classical, contemporary Christian, jazz, spiritual, gospel, etc.) Choir Rehearsal Wednesdays at 6 pm.

  • Kids In Divine Service – K.I.D.S.
  • Preschool through 5th grade. Opportunities include Kids Time, Treasure Box, Children’s worship, VBS, and other age appropriate activities.

  • Sew Loved Ladies
  • This ladies fellowship is dedicated to using their talents with hand crafts such as knitting, crocheting, needle work, and other similar skills and meets following fellowship hour on the last Sunday of every month.

When asked what makes the PCoB ministry unique, members responded:

  • What makes PCoB unique is its small size, but big ministry to others and huge heart for the Lord.
  • It is the Spirit of God, and the dedication of the congregation, that makes this church special.
  • PCOB provides a comfortable, non-threatening, environment to enjoy worship and fellowship.
  • PCOB is my church home because of the caring, loving people who make up the congregation.
  • The PCoB Music Program is amazing for any small church, and unique in this area.
  • The people. They are like an extended family.
  • We’re a casual, family oriented congregation, one that enjoys fellowship and service.
  • The staff and our loving congregation make it uniquely great.
  • I feel that we have a very loving, caring, family-oriented congregation.
  • We are new to PCoB, but we felt this Love from the first time we walked through the door and it is one of the things that kept us coming back.
  • I think of PCOB as somewhat of an “underdog.” As close as we have come to failure, the faith and tenacity of the members has always brought us through.

We invite you to explore and become an active participant in the various ministries at Presbyterian Church of Bloomingdale.